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Kempton Park Appliance Repairs: Everything You Need to Know

Welcome to Kempton park  Appliance Repairs, your one-stop solution for all your appliance repair needs in Kempton Park. Whether it’s a faulty refrigerator, a malfunctioning washing machine, or a broken dishwasher, our team of experienced technicians is here to help.

With years of industry expertise, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch appliance repair services that are reliable, efficient, and affordable. Our skilled technicians have the knowledge and resources to diagnose and fix a wide range of appliance issues, ensuring that your appliances are back up and running in no time.

At AAA Appliance Repairs in Kempton park, customer satisfaction is our priority. We understand the inconvenience that a broken appliance can cause, which is why we strive to provide a prompt and hassle-free service. We work with speed and precision to minimize the downtime of your appliances, allowing you to get back to your daily routine without any disruptions.

Don’t let a faulty appliance disrupt your life any longer. Contact 0788613004 Kempton Park Appliance Repairs today and let our experts handle all your appliance repair needs. Trust us to keep your appliances running smoothly

Common appliance problems in Kempton Park

Appliances are an essential part of our daily lives, making our tasks easier and more convenient. However, like any other machine, appliances can sometimes malfunction or break down. In Kempton Park, there are several common appliance problems that residents face. One of the most common issues is a refrigerator not cooling properly. This can lead to spoiled food and beverages, causing inconvenience and waste. Another common problem is a washing machine that fails to drain or spin, resulting in clothes that are not properly cleaned or rinsed.

Additionally, dishwashers in Kempton Park often encounter issues such as not properly cleaning dishes or leaving behind residue. Other prevalent appliance problems include ovens not heating evenly, microwaves not heating food, and dryers not drying clothes effectively. These problems can disrupt your daily routine and cause frustration.

Fortunately, AAA Appliance Repairs specializes in diagnosing and fixing these common appliance problems. Our skilled technicians have encountered these issues countless times and have the expertise to provide effective solutions. Whether it’s a simple repair or a complex issue, we have the experience and knowledge to get your appliances back in working order


The cost of appliance repairs in Kempton Park

When it comes to appliance repairs, cost is often a significant concern. The cost of repairs can vary depending on several factors, including the type of appliance, the extent of the damage, and the repair service you choose.

In Kempton Park, the cost of appliance repairs is generally reasonable and competitive. However, it’s important to be wary of extremely low-priced repair services that may compromise on quality or use inferior parts.

To give you an idea of the cost range, here are some average repair costs for common appliances in Kempton Park:

Refrigerator repair:

The average cost of refrigerator repairs in Kempton Park ranges from R500 depending on the issue and the parts needed.

Is your refrigerator leave ice in your milk? Does your freezer fail to freeze water? Call AAA Appliance Repairs for the best fridge repairs in Kempton Park! Our friendly technicians will service all models, including built-ins, wine coolers, freezers, and stand-alone fridges.

Our service reps are trained to repair your refrigerator and freezer and to answer your appliance questions. Call 0844624931 for appliance repairs in Kempton Park.

For your fridge repair services contact AAA Appliance Repairs if you’re fridge or freezer have any of these problems:

  • Fridge or freezer doesn’t work.
  • Food spoils much too soon.
  • Freezer won’t freeze.
  • Frost-free is frosting.
  • Ice maker leaks, or jams.
  • Drain hose is blocked.
  • Door won’t seal.
  • Makes frightful noises.

Washing machine repair:

The average cost of washing machine repairs in Kempton Park is typically between R500 depending on the problem and the brand of the machine.

Does your washing machine clunk and grind? Fills with water but won’t drain? Is dirty laundry piling up? Don’t wait! Call AAA Appliance Repairs today for the best washing machine repair in Kempton Park and area! Call 0844624931 for appliance repairs in Kempton Park.

Our highly skilled technicians are waiting to provide same day service and troubleshoot the problem so you can get your life back to normal.

Call AAA Appliance Repairs if your washing machine experiences any of these issues:

  • Washer doesn’t start.
  • Washer won’t fill, spin, or drain.
  • Timer error.
  • Error messages on the digital display.
  • Unusual bumping, banging, or grinding noises.
  • Lid or door won’t latch, open, or it leaks.
  • Water leaking from seals, pump, or valves.
  • Filters seem to be blocked.
  • Unusual smells.

Dishwasher repair:

The average cost of dishwasher repairs in Kempton Park can range from R500  depending on the issue and the type of dishwasher repair.

Does your dishwasher leave your Dish hanging?  come out not clean and damp?

AAA Appliance Repair has the skilled repairmen for you! They’ll fix your dryer, so your laundry isn’t hanging around. Our highly trained dishwasher repair techs have current Technical Standards and Safety Authority certificates and will have your dryer tumbling true in no time. Call 0844624931 for appliance repairs in Kempton Park.

Give AAA a call if your Dishwasher repair has any of these problems:

  • Dishwasher won’t turn on.
  • Dishwasher turns on but isn’t tumbling.
  • Dishwasher not draining
  • Dishwasher no heat.
  • Timer isn’t working.
  • Error messages on digital display.
  • Running and rattles or makes strange noises.
  • Burning smells.
  • Dishwasher kicks out the breaker or fuse

Oven repair:

The average cost of oven repairs in Kempton Park is generally between R500  depending on the problem and the brand of the oven.

Does your stove take hours to heat soup? Your oven only half bakes your cookies? Don’t wait! Call AAA and have their skilled technicians out today, so you don’t have to eat out!

Contact AAA Appliance Repairs by phone, text or email if you need a stove or oven repair. Our highly trained repairmen will quickly have you bake again! Call 0788613004 for Kempton park appliance repairs .

For service in Kempton Park and the surrounding area just contact AAA Appliance Repairs if your oven or stove experiences any of these issues:

  • Error message on display.
  • Oven door doesn’t open or close properly.
  • Oven isn’t working.
  • Oven light won’t work after replacing.
  • Oven or stove makes strange noises.
  • Broiler won’t work.
  • Food doesn’t cook evenly.
  • Elements spark, arc, or don’t work.
  • Stove element stays on when turned off.
  • Self-clean won’t work.
  • Timer doesn’t work.

It’s important to note that these are average costs and can vary depending on the specific issue and the repair service you choose. It’s always recommended to request a quote from the repair service before proceeding with the repair to ensure transparency and avoid any surprises.

Appliance repair warranties and guarantees

Samsung Washing Machine Repairs

When choosing an appliance repair service in Kempton Park, it’s important to inquire about the warranties and guarantees they offer. A reputable repair service should provide warranties on both the repairs performed and the parts used.

Warranties on repairs ensure that if the same issue resurfaces within a certain period, the repair will be redone at no additional cost. This gives you peace of mind knowing that the repair service stands behind their work and is committed to your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Conclusion: Kempton Park Appliance Repairs – the trusted choice

When it comes to appliance repairs in Kempton Park. AAA Appliance Repairs is the trusted choice. With our years of industry expertise, skilled technicians, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide reliable, efficient, and affordable appliance repair services.

From common appliance problems to complex repairs, we have the knowledge and resources to diagnose and fix a wide range of issues. Our prompt and hassle-free service ensures that your appliances are back up and running in no time, minimizing the disruption to your daily routine.

Don’t let a broken or malfunctioning appliance cause you inconvenience and frustration. Contact  0788613004 0844624931 Kempton Park Appliance Repairs today and let our experts handle all your appliance repair needs. Trust us to keep your appliances running smoothly and enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen the best in the industry.

 Kempton park Appliance Repairs

WELCOME !The AAA Appliance Repairs, Parts and Sales in Gauteng and Kempton park

We provides a quick and complete range of domestic and home appliances repair and installation services for all your everyday and emergency needs. No matter what the problem is, we have our engineers as well as our certified contractors close or local to you and this will make us be with you as soon as possible. You can call us for all brands of Washing Machine Repair, Dishwasher Repair, Tumble Dryer Repair, Fridge Repair, Freezer Repair, Fridge-Freezer Repair, Electric Cooker Repair, Electric Oven Repair, Vacuum Cleaner Repair and Cooker Hood Repair. You can be assured of speedy and professional solution. Check here for areas we cover


Why choose us?

  • Fixed diagnostic and repair charges

  • with JUST R350, know what is exactly wrong and spend wisely.

  • R350 only for the repair after we confirmed the problem

  • You pay for part only if your appliance needs it 

  • You have total control on what you spend

  • You get 12 months labor guarantee on repair that involves part

  • Our parts are fully manufacturer guaranteed 

  • You do not always need part hence, high possibility of paying just for labor

  • All our repairs are economically viable

  • Same/Next day appointment available

  • No extra charge for revisits if part needs to be ordered

  • Guaranteed friendly and professional service

  • All major domestic appliances makes and models repair

  • Local engineers for immediate response

Our  Word

We come to you at your convenience and you won’t be charged extra for it – that’s the AAA Appliance Repairs) price promise. All appliance repairs and parts are guaranteed regardless of the appliance.
•          You get 12 months labor guarantee on repair involving part only. 
•          No hidden extras
•          Charge include diagnostic and repair charges
•          Charge exclude congestion charge if you live in Kempton park zone.
•          Parts are NOT included in the charge
•          Payment can be made with major EFT, CASH .  

Much of our works come from recommendation and our commitment to fair price and first-rate services. Choose us for your repair and we are confident you will recommend us to friends and families. Contact us 0788613004

Use the booking form here to arrange for an engineer for fast repair – you choose the date and time for our visit. If we need parts that our engineer doesn’t have on visit (though they carry a lot), you won’t be charged for subsequent appointments to fit them.

AAA- Our washing machine repair, oven repair, tumble dryer repair, dishwasher repair, fridge freezer repair and cooker repair are guaranteed.

Appliance repair & maintenance services from experienced technicians.

Are you having a problem with one of your home appliances? Whether the machine is totally out of commission or simply not performing to your expectations, the resulting disruption to your daily routine can be frustrating to say the least.

AAA Appliance Repairs, we know how you feel. That’s why we offer a complete range of appliance repair and maintenance services from experienced professionals. We strive to provide same-day assistance with:

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