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Convectional Oven Repairs


 Convection Ovens Repairs

We provide the best Convection oven repairs in Gauteng Our Team Are Very Professional Before they leave they will test the oven and make you happy

Convection oven today might need a little more TLC than the older models.  Are capable of Convection oven doing so much more than those older versions, and they use fewer energy than your parent’s Oven required The additional features and electronics attached to the appliance make them a little more work, but when properly repaired with the right technician and the right parts, you should get years and years of use from your appliance and Convection oven  experience very little trouble.

Remember to never attempt to make any repair to your Convection oven , this increases the chance of you doing more damage to your appliance, and increasing the amount of repair work that needs to be done.

We understand exactly how stressful the malfunctioning appliance can be. Whether you need For Convection oven repairs , we see no logical reason to further compound your stress by making you wait several days for the needed repairs, or to give up a day’s work so you can wait around for a repair person who refused to commit to a set time.

We Provide The Best Convection Oven Repair for most problems including:

Convection oven repairs

Is your Convection oven repair is not baking or steaming  ? Call AAA Appliance Repairs for the best  Convection oven repairs in Gauteng! Our friendly technicians will service all models, including commercial and domestic appliance .

Our service  are trained to repair your ovens to answer your appliance questions. Call 0788613004 for Convection oven repairs in Gauteng.

For your Convection oven repair services contact AAA if you’re  have any of these Convection oven repair problems:

Oven repairs, Maximize your turn-over and pro-long the overall life span of your equipment by having them maintained and serviced regularly. When it comes to your business equipment ,don’t just let anyone repair them choose the BEST serviceman.

Our Commercial Convectional Oven Repairs & Services will include:

Pros and cons of convection ovens

 The design of convection ovens is centered around even cooking, so the heating elements are arranged evenly. Although the shape of your dishes and the interior of your oven will also be a factor. So, you can expect that some areas will receive more heat than others, but it will cook your food evenly most often.

Another plus factor of this appliance is its capability to circulate heat throughout the interior of the oven, so you can cook much faster than usual since the heat can reach your food more efficiently. Lastly, convection ovens can cook multiple dishes, and they do this more effectively than their conventional counterparts.

Although this oven has its downside since it cannot cook all types of dishes. There are some pastries like puddings and flan are not suitable in a convection oven since they require moisture, so they are usually baked in a conventional model.

Lastly, convection ovens are composed of various mechanical moving parts, so more parts that can malfunction or break in time.

 Maintenance tips and advice

 That is why it is essential to maintain your convection oven regularly and these will include the following:

  • It would help if you had a clear understanding of how to operate the oven properly. So, you’ll need to read the manufacturer’s manual and follow all the instructions there.
  • Regular cleaning is essential, but you need to turn off the power switch and unplug the electrical cord. Most importantly, let the oven cool down before you start the cleaning process.
  • Clean the exterior of the oven using a mild and non-abrasive water solution.
  • You can also hire a qualified service company to inspect your oven every 6 to 12 months and perform planned maintenance if needed.

 Common issues and troubleshooting

 Inconsistent temperature

You will need to test the accuracy of the thermostat since this is the common cause of this problem. For this purpose, you may need to turn the screws and check the temperature knob. If it comes out faulty, then you will need a qualified oven repair specialist to replace this part for you.

  • Door not closing tightly

Another common issue is when the door does not close tightly. For this problem, you must first inspect the seal, which is clipped to the front of the door. If it’s already worn, then you will need to replace it as soon as you can.

  • Improper cooking

If the food you cooked inside your convection oven is no longer even, then this could be a result of a burning element. To check this issue, you must first disconnect the power then check the condition of the heating element. If it’s worn out then, you’ll need to get it replaced.

 Overall, it’s essential for you to maintain your Convection Oven Repairs properly, but if some parts are already faulty, then you’ll need to seek the help of a professional repair company like QLD Oven Repairs in Gauteng, who can effectively replace these parts for you. 

AAA Appliance Repairs

 Convectional Ovens Repairs

Convectional Ovens and Steam Ovens Repairs – One call and we will schedule an appointment for Convectional Ovens and Steam Ovens Repairs . At AAA Appliance Repairs ,is the best Convectional Ovens and Steam Ovens repair is one of the biggest request for appliance repair that we receive. We are constantly hearing how oven are made much better than the oven of the past. However Convectional Ovens and Steam Ovens Repairs can still breakdown… unexpectedly.

We have the technical experience to help you with your Commercial Convectional Ovens and Steam Ovens Repairs & Services  in cafes, restaurants, hotels and any food service industry that is looking to streamline kitchen efficiency and processes.

Our technical team is qualified to give you a professional service that will help you boost the efficiency on your Commercial Convectional Ovens and steam ovens Repairs & Services.


We do Onsite Convectional oven repairs in all suburbs and areas aroung Gauteng including:
Johannesburg, Pretoria, Pretoria-east, Pretoria-north, Alberton, Edenvale, Sandton-Bryanston, Rivonia, Morningside, Sunninghill, Woodmead, Wendywood, Gallo-manor, Lonehill, Danfern, Parkmore, Benmore-gardens, Springs, Germiston, Benoni, Boksburg, Fourways, Glen-vista, Camaro, Bedfordview, Brooklyn, Garsfontein, Lynnwood, Waterkloof-ridge, Hatfield, Moreleta-park, Silver-lakes, Mooikloof, La-Montagne, Montana, Annlin, Theresa-park, Wonderboom, Arcadia, Centurion, Midrand, Kemptonpark, Johannesburg-south, Rosebank, Randburg Central, Blairgowrie, Parkhurst, Linden, Parkwood, Parkview, Emmarentia, Northcliff, Windsor, Windsor East, Windsor West, Ferndale, Randpark Ridge, Bromhof, Boskruin, Northwold, Sundowner, Olivedale, North Riding, Kya Sands, Robindale, Cresta, Berario, Fountainbleau, Malanshof, Sharonlea, Bordeaux, Victory Park, Greenside, Craighall Park, Parktown North, Parktown, Saxonwold, Albertville, Fairland, Kelland, Jukskei Park, Johannesburg North.


Commercial Convection Oven Repairs & Services

Maximize your turn-over and pro-long the overall life span of your equipment’s by having them maintained and serviced regularly. When it comes to your business equipment’s ,don’t just let anyone repair them choose the BEST serviceman.

We have the technical experience to help you with your convection ovens in cafes, restaurants, hotels and any food service industry that is looking to streamline kitchen efficiency and processes.

Our technical team is qualified to give you a professional service that will help you boost the efficiency on your convection ovens.

Our service will include:

  • Check air handler filters.
  • Check for adequate refrigerant charge
  • Lubricate condenser fan motor
  • Check condenser drain
  • Check all safety controls
  • Inspect contactor points
  • Check and clean thermostat
  • Inspect evaporator coil cleanliness
  • Inspect relays

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Types of Ovens and Stoves We Service

AAA Appliance repairs and services ranges, stoves, ovens, and cooktops. We’re also well-versed in gas stove repair and electric range repair services.

Here are the types of ovens and stoves we service:

  • Gas cooktops
  • Gas ovens
  • Gas ranges
  • Electric cooktops
  • Electric ovens
  • Electric ranges
  • Wall ovens
  • Double ovens

Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Running Smoothly

Commercial ovens, stoves, and ranges are the most widely used appliance in the food service industry. Keeping them in good working condition is essential to the success of your business, as well as to the health, safety, and happiness of your customers. By starting a preventative maintenance schedule for your commercial ovens or range, and getting repairs at the first sign of a problem, you can spare yourself the hassle of unnecessary repairs or premature replacement.

From maintenance to upgrades, the experts at AAA® have you covered when you need any commercial oven repair service. Your business will be in good hands when you work with our competent, speedy commercial appliance repair experts. We always provide an accurate price quote before we get started on your repairs, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees or surprises

Common Issues of Commercial Ovens, Stoves & Ranges

The appliance repair experts at Mr. Appliance are well equipped to handle virtually any type of problem that could arise with your commercial oven, stove, or range, such as these:

  • Oven Temperature Is Not Hot EnoughIf your oven is over- or under-heating, you may be dealing with a faulty thermostat. Or your thermostat may need recalibration. Ask our experts to diagnose and fix this problem.
  • The Oven Doesn’t Cook Food EvenlyImproperly installed thermostats in commercial ovens and ranges can produce unreliable temperature readings, unevenly cooked food, and unhappy customers. We can help you get back to business in no time!
  • The Pilot Light Won’t Stay LitIf your pilot light won’t stay lit, it may be due to a faulty thermocouple or safety valve. Ask a technician at AAA Appliance Repairs to handle this technical commercial gas oven repair.

If you are dealing with any of these issues or another problem, trust the experts at AAA Appliance Repairs to diagnose and repair your commercial stove, oven or range efficiently and professionally. The longer any piece of your commercial kitchen equipment is out of commission, the more it could cost you in lost business!


• 4 Tray
• Inside and Outside made of Stainless Steel with external Scotch Bright finishing
• Cooking chamber with round corners
• Double motor and double fans
• Internal global diffusion ventilation system
• Stainless Steel tubular handle
• 60 minute timer
• 280°C thermostat
• Internal lighting
• Cold glass door with removable internal glass (low emissivity)
• Removable anti-tipping guides support
• Interlocking door gasket
• Excludes trays & stand